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Apr 132018

Actor’s Express’s production of The Flower Room will be at the King Plow Arts Center from April 21-May 13, 2018.

This has all of the makings for a fun night at the theatre. The quick summary: “The world premiere of a madcap comedy, The Flower Room features Ingrid, an uptight academic who researches sexual behavior in primitive cultures while remaining completely closed off from her own sexual self. Kind of ironic, right? When she loses her university job, she flips a 180 and turns to writing erotica to pay the bills, unleashing her own journey of sexual discovery. If you’re dying to flip through her pages, get ready to watch your imagination run wild at Actor’s Express in Atlanta.”

Want to see The Flower Room on the cheap? You have discount ticket options, no coupon code required:

Actor’s Express performs at The King Plow Arts Center, located at 887 W. Marietta St., Suite J-107, Atlanta.

–Jennifer Maciejewski

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