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Mar 292017

six flags over georgiaIf you’re looking for ways to save at Six Flags Over Georgia & White Water during the 2017 season, you’re in luck. Now’s one of the best times to get your season pass on the cheap.

Need an extra reason to go? Six Flags Over Georgia has a new ride this season: Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. On the 4D interactive ride, which opens on May 26, you’ll be armed with a stun blaster and real-time gaming elements while traveling on a rotating vehicle through Metropolis.

And if you have little ones, you’ll want to visit Bugs Bunny Boomtown at Six Flags Over Georgia, which includes the first-ever DC Super Friends kids area & offers pint-sized experiences themed after popular Super Heroes and villains.

Oh, and by the way–For a limited time, Acrophobia will feature The Drop of Doom VR experience. Per the summary: “Wearing Samsung Gear VR headsets, powered by Oculus, you’ll encounter a high speed vertical ascent up 100 stories, while teetering off the edge of a helicopter. As you rise up, you’ll be traveling through a massive city with large skyscrapers around you, under siege by life-sized spiders. Prepare for a high-intensity gun battle against a giant arachnid, which is spewing baby spiders that are virtually crawling all over your body. And, if you aren’t creeping out yet, you’ll stare straight down and plunge 100-stories to the ground through a city on fire to face off in the final battle–against a spider the size of a van, in full attack mode.”

Want to go on the cheap? You’ve got options:

The deals:

  • For a limited time, you can take advantage of the April Fools sale & get a good deal on passes. With the deal, your season pass is $63.99 each when you buy four or more passes, and it includes a free upgrade to a combo pass, which includes unlimited admission to both Six Flags Over Georgia & White Water, as well as one free parking pass for the group. You’ll need to buy your passes during the April Fools sale and activate them at the park by April 9, 2017, to get the perks.
  • Season Dining passes are on sale, too. We opted for the Combo Premium Dining Pass, which is valid at Six Flags Over Georgia and White Water, includes a free sports bottle good for free refills all season long, & more, plus it’s valid through December 2017. We purchased this last season, and it made life so much easier (and cheaper!). When the girls went to the park with their friends, we didn’t have to worry about sending them with any money; their food & drinks were covered, and it more than paid for itself.
  • And if you do have a season pass, don’t forget to take advantage of the perks, like Bring-A-Friend Free days, discount tickets for friends, & more. Even better: The coupons are now available online or via an app, letting you skip keeping track of a coupon book. Bring a Friend Free dates at Six Flags Over Georgia include May 14 (Mother’s Day), June 18 (Father’s Day), & Wednesdays in July (choose one date). At White Water, you can Bring a Friend Free on Mondays-Wednesdays from May 30-June 28 (choose one day) as well as Wednesdays in July (choose one day).
  • If you buy your ticket online at least one day in advance, you’ll save up to $20 per ticket to Six Flags Over Georgia.
  • And if you buy your ticket online in advance, you’ll get discount tickets to White Water.

–Jennifer Maciejewski