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Jan 252017

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crucible-actors-express-poshdealzActor’s Express’s production of The Crucible will be at the King Plow Arts Center through February 19, 2017.

Here’s the quick summary: “Written as an allegory for the McCarthy ‘witch hunts’ launched against supposed communists in the 1950s, Arthur Miller’s timeless drama about the Salem witch trials remains as powerful a statement as ever about the American tendency towards mass hysteria. Set in 1692 Massachusetts, The Crucible explores the frightening paranoia that takes hold when five young girls claim to have been visited in the night by the devil, a spreading scandal that catches the young farmer John Proctor and his loyal wife Elizabeth in the crossfire. The Crucible won the Tony Award for Best Play in its Broadway debut and still holds a spot as one of the most popular and exciting American plays today.”

Want to see The Crucible on the cheap? You have discount ticket options, no coupon code required:

Actor’s Express performs at The King Plow Arts Center, located at 887 W. Marietta St., Suite J-107, Atlanta.

–Jennifer Maciejewski

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